Sunday, January 30, 2011

She rocks in the treetop all day long...

What a beautiful weekend in Charleston, SC.  It felt like Spring has Sprung!  Too bad we will probably will have several more weeks left of chilly weather....burrrrr!  I enjoyed this weekend with many projects in my own nest!  We finally purchased a new couch!!  And while we were picking it up at Celadon...we found a great deal on a sink and vanity!  It just so happens that Celadon was having a sale that we were unaware of when we purchased our couch last weekend, and they offered to give us a refund of the difference of the couch!!!  Basically we got the sink and vanity for free with our savings!  What a steal right?!  As my husband put it, Celadon will have us as a customer for life!

I spent my busy little Sunday working on "The Nest" projects!  After finalizing a class with Mrs. D this week, I attempted a few appliques on my own!  What fun!  I will be out of control with these appliques before you know it!  On a more exciting note, I am a few steps away from having this Nest Chandelier completed, and I must say, I love, Love, LOVE IT!  WOW-$20 turned into a masterpiece and a jewel!  This is so much more unique than those $300 boutique chandeliers and will go great with Elsie Claire's whimsical owl themed room!  Check it out!  It all started with a pile of branch trimmings left on the side of the road and a $20 thrift store chandelier!  Just wait until I post pics when I get it up in her room next weekend!


  1. How cute!! Who knew you were so talneted! :)

  2. I love it! It is perfect for Baby Elsie's nursery. :)