Monday, January 17, 2011

Ready to Feather Elsie Claire's Nest!

This weekend I will be heading to Augusta, Georgia to help feather my new niece-to-be, Elsie Claire's nursery.  Fitting that she will be named after two very special ladies.  Our Grandmothers, her Great-Grandmothers.  Last weekend my sister Tina had a beautiful photo shoot with her "tweet" bump, her husband and their adorable son, Ayden.  Elizabeth, my youngest sister did an amazing job on their photo session!  This weekend Tina and I get to work on many different projects for Elsie Claire: Monogramming any and everything in sight, Painting murals for the nursery, Figuring out how to use appliques on our machines and using our sewing abilities (or lack there of) on some more challenging projects!  Can we say little worker bees?!  Looking forward to sharing our favorites after our weekend and spending time with her too!  Sisters are the best, and I am so glad I was blessed with two!  Take a sneak peek at some of Elizabeth's work of Tina's "Tweet" Bump session!
It's a girl!

The "Tweet" baby bump

Ayden is so excited to meet "HIS" baby sister!

Isn't he one of the cutest things you've ever seen?!

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  1. Aw, very sweet for you to make this post and all of these pictures! I love you and looking forward to spending some time with you while crafting! The kids are very lucky to have you as their aunt!