Saturday, July 16, 2011

DIY refinishing furniture

I've been following some really great home designing DIY blogs.  I could look at these blogs and ideas for hours....if only I had more time to work on my projects!  Check out these do it yourself instructions for refinishing furniture that I found on Pawleys Island Posh's blog  My prior blog post showed an example of one of my pieces after following her instructions (minus that bottle of least for the next 6 months!)  wink, wink!  I wish I had my Before photos...still trying to pry those from my sister.  But you may have remembered the After photos.  Here's another peek.  Be sure to check out some of the other blogs that I follow.  Sure to give you an inspiration to start that project!

Step 1
move dresser outside and take drawers out

Step 2
lightly sand using an electric sander. 
The more you sand the better, but I just did it lightly to get all the shellac finish and wax off because I'm not that strong and my arms started hurting before I got off the dark stain
dust off

Step 3
paint the entire thing using a pretty medium thick coat
Not exactly dry brushed but not globbed on either

Step 4
drink a glass of wine while it's drying
You'll find you actually have time for more than one glass but I wouldn't suggest it as it may interfere with the next several steps

Step 5
take a piece of sand paper and with a very light hand rough up your paint job a bit
It's especially nice to remove all the paint in the corners or crevices
dust off

Step 6
Go ahead and pour another glass to enjoy during the next step

Step 7
Using a lint free white cloth (you can buy them at Home Depot or Lowe's in the painting section) dip into a can of briwax in dark walnut
Working in one section at a time, wipe the corners and crevices with wax
then wipe the rest of your section following with the grain of the wood
take a second rag and wipe away any excess.
Continue with this method until you've finished the entire piece
I find it easiest to work from the top down and to do each of the drawers while they're still free standing

Step 8
Finish that bottle of wine while it's drying

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