Sunday, June 12, 2011

A shade of Robin Egg Blue

I love the shades of Robin Egg Blue.  It brings a sense of peace and relaxation.  I helped with some of the extras in Lori's nursery.  I loved the color she picked out for the wall.  A light gray-blue-green color.  Her baby's bedding is white with slashes of red in the pattern.  We decided to leave the walls alone, and spruce up the room with a few extras.  I really loved her color scheme.  We decided to refinish an outdated nightstand and replace the lighting in the room!  Yep, another chandelier in store for me!  This is the first time I actually refinished a piece of furniture.  With a little advice from a highschool friend and a bunch of googling....this project turn out fabulous!!  I really love the new nightstand.  It makes me want to refinish every piece of furniture in my house!  I will admit that the sanding part is NOT fun!  My back is somewhat sore.  But You Can Do It!  Just put your back (or elbow) into it!  Next time I will invest in an eletric sander.  The next blog will be a "how-to", so you folks can try it at home! 
As far as the chandelier goes, the room needed a pop of red.  So the chandelier was painted red!  I love the cute white shades with the miniature red balls (for lack of a better word) hanging from them!  Lori originally sent me a photo of curtains with larger (balls) hanging from them, so I knew she would like the shades on the chandelier!  It really came together quite nicely!  She decided not to find out the sex of the baby, and I think this color scheme was perfect for just that!  A real nice surprise Clark!  Ok- yes I'm tired!  Enjoy the pics!  And be sure to check out our other goodies at The Nest Boutique~

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

HOME: the Perfect Nest

Lately, Kevin and I have been working on some home improvement projects.  There seems to be 100+ projects we want, or should start.  Slowly we have tried to improve our home, rooms and yard with "mini projects".  Why stress ourselves out and our wallets with everything all at once?!  I've been most impressed with our guest bathroom.  The bathrooms in our home were so outdated.  Next year we will tackle the master bath.  But take a peak at the hallway guest bathroom.  We found this great sink vanity at a Celadon Warehouse sale.  What a great find at a 1/3 of the price!  It has a rustic feel to it.  The vision was based around the sink vanity and everything else fell into place.  One of our great friends, Kendall helped us replace the old vinyl floor with slate colored tile.  It looks great!  Thanks Kendall!  Next we had the new commode and sink vanity installed (with help of course).  Kev is handy, when it comes to calling the experts!  ;)  Next I found a great sale on the shower curtain at pottery barn that I really loved.  A decent shower curtain was one of the hardest finds!!!  But even harder I think, was picking out a color for the walls to blend with the shower curtain!  I'm sure Home Depot's paint department hated seeing me at 10:45pm!  So indecisive!  All-in-all, I am very pleased!  Lastly, I just added little touches: wooden bird cage given to me by my MIL, beautiful hydrangeas from our yard, towel and magazine baskets from Marshalls (love discovering affordable, great finds there), old mirror from our garage that was once over our fireplace (so glad I held on to it...Kev is always trying to give things away).  We propped the mirror on the vanity instead of hanging it on the wall;  I really like the look.  Thanks to good friends and great turned out great!  Just try it, one room or project at a time.  It will make you much happier with your Home, your Nest.  And be smart with your doesn't have to cost a fortune!    And do it with the ones you brings a sense of accomplishment and teamwork as a couple!