Thursday, March 17, 2011

Home "Tweet" Home!

As most of you know, my sweet niece Elsie Claire was born on Monday, March 14th!  Mommy and baby had a safe and healthy delivery.  Praise to you, God.  She is just beautiful!  Our family is just filled with so much love for this newest addition, especially her big brother!  One really neat gift God gave them leading up to this delivery was this tiny bird's nest right outside of Elsie Claire's nursery.  While Tina was nesting at home prior to her delivery, she heard sweet birds chirping and babbling outside of the nursery window.  When she peeped out the window, she found this nest!  How appropriate, right?!  I'm sure Tina is sleep deprived, but regardless she is the best Mommy I know!  As a mother, I have seen her provide comfort, security, nourishment, love and assurance that "everything will be alright."  Often I wonder if I could ever be ready for that right moment in my life.  Most days I can't find my keys, how could I care for a baby?  For now, I like being "Aunt Jacquie"...

Welcome Home Door Hanger

The Nest outside of Elsie Claire's window

Our sweet Miss Elsie Claire wearing her Hoot Hat from The Nest!
The Sweet Angel in Pink